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Monday, 17 December 2007


Before you start reading, take a look at this: http://icnewcastle.icnetwork.co.uk/0200sport/basketball/tm_objectid=16947020&method=full&siteid=50081&headline=hyatt-s-frozen-out-name_page.html

The Newcastle Eagles, not unlike us, have had difficulty kick starting their season.
The Scottish Rocks, unlike the Newcastle Eagles, have not resorted to the rehiring of shamed former players in a bid to recapture any of the success from the season prior.

Arriving (in a taxi, presumably) at the Metroradio Arena for last Sundays clash vs. the Plymouth Raiders, Jeremy Hyatt formally rejoined his former team just in time for the first win of the season, 91-85. Between Hyatt and coach Fab Flournoy’s misadventures of the 05/06 campaign, you could be forgiven for thinking that Paul Blake does his pre-season scouting at Dartmoor.

In more pressing news, the Leicester Riders arrive in Glasgow for tonight’s clash vs. our Scottish Rocks. The Riders, who at the time of writing have split their games in the championship 2-2, are a promising squad with experience and athleticism on their side. Yorrick Williams, Terrence McGee and ex-laker Steve Bucknall all feature tonight and are all, individually, forces to be reckoned with.

McGee is remembered by most Rocks fans as being the point/shooting guard that replaced Ted Berry. His stint at the Rocks was short but exciting as he combined forces with the likes of Jerry Williams and Niki Arinze for a season that was largely remembered for underachieving. Yorrick Williams is one of the best defenders in the league and is infamous for his intensity on court. Able to play the guard and small forward spot, Williams will in time emerge as the leader of the Riders. He's also widely known as a lunatic.

Steve Bucknall played for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1989-1990, and of course had the privilege of being a team-mate to the great Magic Johnson. Since then he has travelled all over Europe playing for no less than fifteen different teams and winning a healthy amount of silverware on the way.

Rocks fans should expect a fired up home side in today’s game. It has been a shaky start for the 06/07 squad, but slowly and surely they have been coming together and it should be interesting to see if this is the game where our real season begins.

Jamie Barr

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