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Monday, 17 December 2007


The Rocks resume their rivalry with the Newcastle Eagles on Sunday as the two clash for the first time since the Eagles knocked us out of the Trophy.
Eagles coach Fab Flournoy remains hopeful despite trailing in the race for the championship.
"We are under intense pressure with expectation having risen lately as people demand continued success on all fronts. Whatever happens, it will not decide the destiny of the league title with so many games still to be played. I am not saying we will lose or I am taking these games lightly but we have to keep things in perspective and I will not place any unnecessary pressure on my players." He said, shortly before presumably punching the journalist in the face.

In other news, Family Man of the Year, Charles Smith, returned to the Eagles last week after a hiatus of almost three months. The forward, affectionately nicknamed “the Prince” by Eagles fans, has made an instant impact at the start of his third spell with the Springfield Honda-backed franchise, scoring 48 points in the two games against London Towers and Guildford Heat last weekend. Funnily enough, we all find we are a little fresher after a ninety-day holiday. The former of the two games was a hard fought affair with the Eagles just scraping the win by one point through a late free-throw. As the drama unfolded inside the Metro Arena, suspended Coach Flournoy managed to go against the odds in his own way: Wandering a car-park for an hour and a half in Newcastle without being arrested.
Whether or not “The Prince” plays tonight is still in question.

The subject of Fab Flournoy’s suspension is an interesting one. After merrily getting involved in fisticuffs (hands down, the worst kind of cuffs) with Bullets forward Skouson Harker, a man who has a Jaw-line like a Disney hero, he simply appeals and is allowed to attend the semi-final against the Rocks. How does that work?

Say you were at an office meeting, and as you were leaving the room to for a break of coffee and lame triangular sandwiches, you belted another company member about the head several times. Obvious uproar and suspension? Certainly. Would the police be called? Highly probable. But the lesson to be learned from Harkergate is that as long as you pester the league officials gently they let you off with nothing more than a ruffle of the hair and a chuck of the chin. I imagine the hearing consisted of Fab waving his fists in the general direction of officials while shouting, "Do you want some too?".

So, its open season. Next time any of your work colleagues are bugging you, deck them. The worst you can expect is a single day off work.

Yes, its true. The Rocks are top of the league. The surprising Sheffield Sharks have overtaken the Eagles to move in to second place, but for reasons you can imagine THIS is the game we want. Eagles vs. Rocks are British Basketball Old Firm.
Shout loud and enjoy it.

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