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Monday, 17 December 2007

Vs. Bears, Sunday 11th Dec

On paper the Brighton Bears look like instant contenders for the crown. Stewart, Alleyne, Yabsley, Parillion and Jerry Williams helmed by floor leader Terrance McGee?
About as predictable as Billy Singleton’s inside game is the reaction of fans to the news that Jerry has found a new club. For whatever reason, we inexplicably resign ourselves to the impending clinching of titles by the Rocks/ Towers /Bears. It is true that he has put up big numbers in the past and is capable of standout performances. But as for Jerry’s presence equating to a winning team, forget it. It’s a myth. Once again, Jerry’s boys have given the 2005/06 season an apathetic shot to firmly seize control of the middle of the table, sitting as they are 10 points short of the Rocks at five wins and six losses.

A short-lived boost to the season arrived with the restless Yorick Williams who bailed on his second club this year for European pastures new. Rumours his departure was due to the Bears front line resembling the queue at a Craig David convention were unconfirmed.

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