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Monday, 17 December 2007


The Chester Jets roll in to town with first year Player/Coach Billy Singleton at the helm. Many of you will be very familiar with Singleton from his time in Glasgow and if you are among that group, you most probably also work at Burger King.
His Jets, at the time of writing, sit eighth in the league with six points from eight games. A huge blow was recently dealt with the announcement that the Calvin Davis relationship with the club had come to an end. After five years together, the Jets released the 6’8” forward after a series of recurring injuries. Billy, thirty-seven years old and now boasting less air-time than a subliminal TV commercial, wisely took the decision to draft in some fresh legs to fill the front court spot. Out of the Australian Basketball League comes 6’8” Jamal Brown who is “athletically gifted” and seems a suitable replacement for the Calvin Davis department. At the small forward spot, Shawn Myers will be productive as ever while Gilbert will be backed up by Anthony Martin at point. The indifferent start to the season will hopefully (for the Jets) receive an adrenaline shot with the new signings and they might just get out of the blocks.

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