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Monday, 17 December 2007

Vs. Chester Jets, November 19th 06

It’s the third clash in only a month and a half old season for the Rocks and the Jets.
Despite having beaten the Rocks in their first meeting, Jets coach and Billy Singleton (pictured, barely) knows that his side face a difficult trip to Glasgow on Sunday: “They are playing a lot better than when we met them (the first time), and it’s on their own court, so it’ll be a tough match-up again – but I’m looking forward to it. Julius Joseph is a very tough player, and Rob Yanders is one of the best point guards in the league. They’ve added Sterling Davis and they are a solid team with some good veteran players.”

Much has been said about Singleton during his time in the BBL as a professional “athlete” and he is garnering just as much buzz during his time as a coach. His side started strong with silverware success in 2005, but it has been mediocrity ever since. This year has been the most worrisome so far with the squad picking up only one win in seven games so far, only being saved from the bottom by the hapless Worcester Wolves. Does Billy, whose second chin alone could win an eating contest, inspire his players to keep on the straight and narrow and ultimately championship success? Chester’s season may eventually be saved by the arrival of talented guard Maurice Hargrow. In his first year out of the University of Minnesota, the 6’5” rookie has recently poured in 20+ point performances against Guildford and more recently, Sheffield Sharks. Although they were both losing efforts overall, it must be as comforting to Billy as a giant spoon and a tub of Haagen-Dazs to know that he has this kind of solid offensive firepower on hand.

Last week’s win for the Rocks at home over Chester splits this season’s game tally at one apiece, Maurice Hampton leading the team past a determined Jets squad, 84-79.

Both teams seem fairly evenly matched at the point in the season, neither being able to shake the other. Expect a competitive and close match, every bit as exciting as last weeks encounter.
Jamie Barr

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